TYR Avictor Prelude Female Openback Multi/Black

£330.00 £276.00

Speed dry fabric.
Snug fit at all times.
High-tech, super flex bonding allows fully bonded seams to conform to the swimmers body and provide a durable, 360 degree stretch. Result is a precisely fitted, ultra compressive suit that maximises core stabilisation and overall support while allowing 100% natural movement and ability.



The Avictor is TYR’s fastest, most innovative technical suit. FINA approved suit maximizes performance. Hydrosphere technology works in harmony with the swimmers natural abilities in order to optimize body positioning in the water. Ground breaking technology causes water to surround the fabric of the suit, creating a visible hydrospheric affect. as a result of maximized positioning, drag is reduced and speed and efficiency are boosted.

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28, 30, 32


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